Konnect BPO


We offer a unique call center debt collection service in Sri Lanka by saving you time and money by reminding customer dues & offer peace of mind through our reliability

Debt collection is a tedious task and sometimes a non-value addition to have a separate headcount just for that. At Konnect BPO we are geared to offer debt recovery services in Sri Lanka. We take the ownership to collect your debts on time, remind the customers of their dues and offer our clients a reliable service.

There are several reasons that can impact on-time payments. It could be due to an unpredictable economic crisis which puts financial pressure on customers leading to increasing in over dues. They delay the payments knowingly or unknowingly hoping the situation gets better and ultimately ends up with a pile of outstanding bills. In such situations it’s important to have a party involved to do the recoveries in a timely manner to retrieve what is owed. 

When this service is in-house it is an unnecessary distraction to the core business and a non-value added activity costing more resources. Therefore in order to better manage the resources outsourcing of this function can increase business efficiency by ensuring complete AR collection. This in return will reduce the burden of bad debts and increase cash flow. 

Konnect BPO has been a leading debt recovery company in Sri Lanka and has been constantly and consistently providing reliable and high quality services.

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