Konnect BPO

Pro Agent

We will assign an agent who will be authorized to act on behalf of another person and the relevant person will be an expert in the specialized field.

Our pro agents are authorized to act on behalf of a particular person and he/she will be a trained expert specialized in the relevant field. 

Konnect BPO is a leading call center Agent Company in Sri Lanka. We take the responsibility to ensure that all our call center agents are trained to be professional, polite, friendly and full of energy when responding to customer calls. They undergo constant training and are provided with scripting tools, cube wall reminders and follow many different strategies to ensure a quality service which also supports them in their personal growth. 

In addition all calls that go through to our agents are cautiously monitored. It is to ensure that our agents follow what they are trained to do and to continuously improve to keep up with the changing world. Another main reason for monitoring customer calls is because it’s a sensitive and stressful role. It requires patience and perfection as one simple mistake can cause havoc such as client dissatisfaction, penalties, legal liabilities, etc. 

However despite the rigorous trainings we are also aware that our agents are human. The graveyard shifts, long working hours and constant customer queries can impact them. Due all these factors we at Konnect BPO as the employer tries the level best to provide our agents a good work environment, trainings etc. and we will continue to motivate them. 

The innovative technology allows the pro-agent calling services we offer to be top in the game and allows live agents to call out clients’ prospects or answer calls using a pre-recorded assisted dialogue which sounds nearly a natural conversation. Automatic scripts are pre-recorded in a professional yet friendly voice (Without any accent). It Is also possible to record these in different global languages. How it works out is technology assisted pro-agents leverage a simple UI to speak using the prerecorded audio. It stimulates a nearly natural conversation. 

Konnect BPO agents in Sri Lanka are trained how to operate the audio files, to navigate the call flow, stop and replay pre records and have the ability to decide which recordings to be played for the customer to listen. It is nearly impossible for customers to differentiate voice between agents and audio files. However in order to maintain professionalism we have trained our agents to inform customers that a live agent is always available.

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