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Email Support Services

Outsourcing email support services can help you answer these email queries from customers within a fast turnaround time. When you outsource email support services, you can save on precious time and concentrate more on your organization’s core competencies.

Outsourcing email support services can support you to revert to your customers with a higher turnaround time than having this service in-housed. It will also allow you to save time and focus on the business core competencies. 

Amongst an array of outsourcing services Konnect BPO also offers email outsourcing and is one of the popular email outsourcing companies in Sri Lanka catering to multiple industries. We have been pioneering in this trade over the past four years providing customer support to global customers. Hence, our teams are proficient in responding to customer queries and email on our clients behalf. 

It has been beneficial for those clients who have been in collaboration with us in the past years as our team have been quick in response (turnaround time) and increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and our clients’ organizational efficiency. 

Experienced workforce

Our staffs at Konnect BPO are trained, experienced and skilled to maintain professionalism at all times to be competent in secondary support services.
Our teams of email support professionals are competent to answer our client’s emails appropriately and are trained in customer care, technical support, order fulfillment, verification, complete query resolution and resolving escalated cases.

Reliable email support services

We guarantee reliable service to our clients by offering fast turnaround time, availability (24x7x365), accurate email responses and professionalism. We simply promise to do what we do best. 

Domain expertise

With the trainings received, our teammates are efficient in answering a number of email queries related to different topics such as complaints billing, product queries, after sales queries and information queries. Further our support service can use email for up-selling and cross selling of products and services and further extend services to collect feedback from customers as well.

Increased customer satisfaction

Our promise to our customers is that queries will be answered 24x7x365 days. Hence our clients don’t have the need to declare working hours to their customers. It saves money for organizations to invest on in-house customer support services when you can use those resources effectively to focus on the core business. 

If you make the decision of outsourcing email support services to Konnect BPO it will reap you benefits as we are a global organization and have proven records in the industry to deliver quality customer service.

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