Konnect BPO

Product Information Request

Our value-added product information request services will help you unlock the true potential of your customer

This service will enable your customer to access product information and is a value added service as it creates more opportunities to increase revenue. 

Closing a sale is an amazing feeling; good for the company’s pocket but in order to close that sale there are many factors that matter. One of the most important is the product information request service which enables many customers to make that final purchase. Customers are usually very precise and need accurate information, the inquiries can take up 1 min – 10 min and can sometimes be quite inefficient. Hence, Outsourcing these services to a call center service provider will eliminate a lot of non-value added tasks for a company.

These call center agents are trained to be patient, professional, and thorough in their product information and are systematic in providing in answers. They follow a streamlined process and guarantee efficiency and good service which is two of the main aspects for satisfied customers. 

For organizations that are keen in finding product support services in Sri Lanka Konnect BPO is one of leading service providers in the industry. Our team is nurtured to handle these services skillfully and your organization’s product information services will be in good hands without a doubt.

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