Konnect BPO

Outbound Services

This service is predominantly targeted to make contact with customers who have not requested or inquired on any product or service information. The communication could happen via calls, emails or even chats. 

Quite the contrary of cold calling or telemarketing and is mainly used as a tool to transmit special messages. It can be about deals, offers, reminders, surveys, data collection etc.

Konnect BPO is a pioneer in outbound call outsourcing in Sri Lanka and will be a definite support and expert to help your organization to streamline this service.


Debt collection is a tedious task and sometimes a non-value addition to have a separate headcount just for that. At Konnect BPO we are geared to offer a unique debt collection service in Sri Lanka. We take the ownership to collect your debts on time, remind the customers of their dues and offer our clients a reliable service.

Lead Generation

We provide services to attract and convert total strangers as prospects of buying your products or services as they have indicated interests related to what you offer.


The main task of a telesales representative is to contact prospective customers and to promote the offers or make appointments for field sales representatives to close the deals. These types of sales are claimed to build repeat business through good customer relationships.

Loyalty Programs

These programs are aimed at creating long lasting connections with the customers. In return to also reward them as they are a major part of the company.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is a tested and trusted theory for the longest time. It is cost effective (8 times cheaper) to hold on to your long trusted customers than finding new customers. They further add profits through direct purchases and bring in new customers through word of mouth.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Setting up businesses through cold calling and following up with top-of-funnel leads and scheduling appointments is called B2B appointment setting services. It is the responsibility of the call sales agent to set up the appointments for the closing sales rep to pitch the sales and close the deal.