Konnect BPO

Lead Generation

We help you attract and convert strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.

We provide services to attract and convert total strangers as prospects of buying your products or services as they have indicated interests related to what you offer. 

Konnect BPO is once such Outsourced lead generation company in Sri Lanka. 

One of the most exploited marketing tactics today is the outbound lead generation and hence it is also one of the toughest strategies to follow. However, our expertise can help you in terms of both time and cost.

As a lead generation agency in Sri Lanka our services include; 


1. Exploring opportunity 

We are a pioneering outsourced lead generation company in Sri Lanka and our market intelligence navigates through mature, explored and unexplored markets.

Our staff is trained, professional and is geared to search for leads by using different mechanisms such as; attending trade shows, organizing campaigns for their target markets, business events etc. The magic happens once the leads are identified. Our experts will then launch multi-channel marketing promotions to catch the customer’s eye. 

2. Telemarketing, Email Marketing, & Social Media Marketing

The prospective customers will be contacted through cold calling or cold emails with messages directed at the potential audience that would analytically determine to meet our client’s sales criteria.

Further, our teams will continue to create brand awareness to give that slight nudge in order for the final decision to be made. Your brand will be portrayed as the limelight to catch the customer’s attention.

3. Campaign management and tracking 

For fast and efficient outbound lead generation our teams will use trademarked campaign management tools to plan, execute, track and run analysis. 

We are able to run the targeted marketing campaign through your CRM tools and later track responses from each channel by using trackers. This is also very helpful in looking at the effectiveness.

4. Lead Database

We also maintain a database of those who respond to the marketing campaigns we do. They are further segmented to groups based on many different criteria and would be ready to receive the next wave of marketing communications. 

Our database is filtered and prepared to the format of our customers choice and will include the contact details of all B2B leads along with their preferred methods of contacts. We also guarantee confidentiality in information.

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