Konnect BPO

Inquiry Handling

All the inquiries of customers are handled appropriately and precise information about the product and service is given to them.

Konnect BPO is one of leading business process outsourcing companies that provides inquiry handling service in Sri Lanka. Our staff is trained to handle all customer inquiries professionally and appropriately by providing the precise information about the required product or service. 

Product or service inquiries in most cases arise when the customer is about to make a purchase decision. This in most cases is when they still have grey areas after doing all their research online, through known contacts, reading about product reviews etc. Hence, we believe that providing what they want to hear is an art, it is also a selling point to convert a sale. 

These inquirers (or potential customers) are only looking for precise information. When they decide to pick up the phone for inquiries it is to clarify the grey areas and to find the answers they are looking for which are not mentioned in any material they referred to. It can also therefore be the missing puzzle to make the sale happen. 

Our teams that handle customer inquiries in Sri Lanka are therefore, well trained to answer all customer inquiries skillfully and suitably. They are skilled to manage the situation by providing the right answer, right information at the right time ensuring the next and only step for the customer is to purchase the product or service. 

Failing to provide what they inquire about will only lead the customers to move on to a competitor product or service. Because its customer nature to seek what they want, that guarantees them the purchase is the right choice. This is why inquiry handling is a key component in closing a deal and a lot of companies also invest in outsourcing this to respectable call center companies.


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