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Established in 2016, Konnect BPO Technologies is a fast growing and one of the leading business process outsourcing companies in Sri Lanka and is geared to offer an exclusive service on unique outsourcing solutions to our valued clients allowing them to achieve their set goals, which also allows us to be highly competitive in the market.

Konnect BPO strives and believes in collaboration with their partners and business owners as a key element in organizing their business operations by allowing their stakeholders to profit via enhanced data innovation and skill empowered outsourced administration. This alliance has opened numerous opportunities for Konnect BPO and their clientele.

The collaboration mindset of Konnect BPO is one of the main reasons for its clients to choose them as their solution provider in a heartbeat. Another main advantage is the fact that it is also a global outsourcing partner that understands their customer’s business requirements and carries out all necessary workforce arrangements that are adaptable, practical, efficient and cost effective.

The heart of the organization is the vastly experienced in-house team that is at the services of the clientele to support them with their business aspects. Konnect BPO is compliant and follows all the required standards to provide the best outcome to their customers.

As the company is systematized to follow standard procedures, has a firm skilled workforce and is established in the data innovation and telecommunication industries it has also created ample business opportunities globally and locally.


We at Konnect BPO develop remarkable software with the expertise of our in-house teams that understands your requirements and customizes it to your own liking to fit the need.


We try our best to be in our customer’s shoes when collaborating to provide business solutions to best fit your needs as we strongly believe in customer satisfaction.


We are here to support our clients to build reputed brands through innovation which enables them to increase their customer engagement for business growth and stability.


We are a business solution provider for various entities and our specialty lies in providing solutions for cost control and increase in business efficiency and we monitor to live by what we preach.

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We take pleasure in offering our clients a solution to differentiate and be competitive whilst encouraging them to maximize on their internal resources and their core businesses enabling them to pass on great service with value additions to their end users.


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