Our Story

Konnect BPO is a leading and rapidly developing outsourcing service provider in Sri Lanka.

Established in 2016, we offer uninterrupted high-end services and intense outsourcing solutions to our valued clients to achieve their goals and to survive in the highly competitive business world.

We trust working in collaboration with our clients to streamline their business operations by supporting them with providing services that generate profits through data innovation and skill empowerment. 

Our clients love to work with us at Konnect BPO since we are a worldwide outsourcing organization that understands each and every customer’s business requirements and delivers work-force arrangements that are easy to implement, practical, adaptable and cost effective. We go that extra mile to customize to our clients specific needs. 

We currently employ over 150 employees on our outsourcing projects; our teams answer over 9000 calls per day for closer to over 18 different clients both locally and globally. 

We ensure to recruit the best and our in-house team is vastly experienced in providing BPO services that helps to recognize brands that are depending on our services. 

We do not at any cost negotiate on our standards and all our procedures and processes are implemented following global standards to provide our clients a good, unique and a compliant service.

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Voice Services

Konnect BPO technology is vastly experienced in Call Centre Management and provides a competitive edge to our clients. We are dexterous to manage a huge volume of calls in a professional and a specialized manner. 

Our belief is that all customers should be treated professionally and attentively. Our technology further supports this belief as it supports to meet required client service levels in all incoming calls with no exception whatsoever.

We at Konnect BPO offer;

Inbound call centers provide services to fulfill needs of customers to form a strong link between the company and the customer. This is also one instance where a customer would initiate the conversation to a call center to resolve their queries.
Outsourcing inbound contact center services makes it easier for organizations to focus on their core businesses whilst also offering them higher flexibility and value savings. In return it also increases customer satisfaction due to effective client services.
It is proven that organizations have been able to save time, money and resources by outsourcing services. Oftentimes it also helps to increase customer satisfaction and experience and further allows the company to focus more on their core businesses and strategies.
We ensure all customers are treated professionally and with due respect and attention.

Outbound Contact Center Solutions

Our team of specialized phone operators serves as a strong foundation in the call center spectrum and they are capable of handling themselves professionally and promptly to any customer opportunity towards the benefit of our clients. 

At our outbound contact center our team of professionals takes the liberty to initiate outbound calls to the listed or existing customer on behalf of our clients. Our server operated to fulfill several different purposes such as initiating open research and surveys, telemarketing or call-promotions, fundraising calls and sales. 

We provide you with a solution that enables you to manage all the calls with our agents ensuring overall quality of calls. Our agent will keep in touch with customers for various reasons related to performance, sales or even research. 

Konnect BPO technologies (Pvt) Ltd. Supports to automate the calling process through intelligence which helps to increase operational efficiency of all calls. There will be different purposes to make the call however, the beauty of our service lies in the outcome of it – to provide a better service to the customers)