Caring for the Future


Being a leading outsourcing provider in Sri Lanka Konnect BPO has taken the initiation aligning to their mission “improve the world by facilitating better decision making through the power of digital data.”

Our corporate social responsibility focuses on early childhood education and computer literacy initiations. We seek opportunities that allow us to lend a hand to the children in disadvantaged / rural communities in Sri Lanka by creating access to computers and other digital tools. Further, going that extra mile Konnect BPO also specially focuses on investing and improving girls’ access to education and computer literacy.

All our CSR programs are initiated and managed by our employees on a voluntary basis and all the success stories we share our living proof to the common values we share as a team. Together we are a caring and compassionate team that seeks to make a difference in our society.

This is also an opportunity for our team to connect with customers who share the same mindsets to give back to the society. We believe that investing to uplift our communities that helps us generate more business is thoughtful and a notion of supporting one another.

We also follow strict procedures and governance tools to ensure that our projects carried out the correct way.