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Answering Services

We offer companies to provide a good customer service combining live telephone answering and all business communications including virtual receptionists available 24/7.

Konnect BPO is a globally recognized business process outsourcing company providing outsource answering services.

This service provides the opportunity for companies to provide wow customer service and is combined with live telephone answering to all business communications including virtual receptionists 24/7. If you are really keen in having live telephone operator managed services its best to outsource this service to Konnect BPO.

How does a phone answering service work?

Instead of having automated voice messages or IVR systems the company relies on a live telephone operator to answer the call at any given time of the day. 

In order for this service to be successful and professional the operators should undergo training in answering the calls appropriately. Since it is definitely different to the automated answering service the operators should be ready to speak to customers who seek support or information. Konnect BPO (renowned & Global) maintain specific training for these human telephone operators to ensure the conversations with your customers will go as smoothly as you expect. 

The main reason for companies to move towards this service is also because it reduces the turnaround times for a call (Customers don’t have to wait for the company to be back the next working day to respond to any inquiries) and it also eliminates the automated voice service which makes it a personal responsive experience for the customer. 

It creates the idea that the organization cares for its customers to go that extra mile to make that one phone call much more meaningful than an easy automated voice message. 

If your organization requires outsourcing answering service in Sri Lanka please contact us at Konnect BPO.

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