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Contact Center Reporting

In the simplest sense, reporting shows you what is happening in your contact center. Reporting takes the many streams of raw data flowing into your contact center

Reporting is the key to see what is happening in your contact center. It is the raw data flow that comes into your contact center from different channels. 

With Globalization playing a major role in the world today, consumers are connected and have access to information via many digital touch points to connect with peers, communities across geographical landscapes. They conduct necessary research before making that final buying decision. Hence, it is important for businesses to differentiate from their services across their portfolio. 

As predicted by experts today customer satisfaction has surpassed all the old aged norms that impact consumer behavior such as price and product. It is no secret that happy customers bring in more business directly and indirectly to your business. Hence, Contact center reporting in Sri Lanka has become crucial. 

It is important to monitor agent performance levels, analyze efficiencies in various areas including complaint resolution, response rate, and overall productivity levels to make the correct decisions. A call center resort is therefore a very important tool if your organization is in the continuous improvement mindset. It enables companies to take corrective action plans in order to increase the level of services offered to their consumers. 

We have introduced robust call center dashboards as data visualization tools to improve customer service intelligence. These reports help organizations to improve customer interactions, overall productivity, and complaint response and resolution rates. Following are some of the customer service-based dashboards that are used by Konnect BPO to track performance and or maintain high quality standard services. 

  1. Call Center Team Dashboard
  2. Call Center Customer Satisfaction Dashboard
  3.  Customer Support KPI Dashboard

Konnect BPO is one of the leading contact center reporting and analytics in Sri Lanka.

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