Konnect BPO

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Monitoring efforts strive to generate high quality information.  Quality assurance (QA) and Monitoring are processes that ensure data integrity and minimize errors.

To monitor business performance is important because it enables to generate quality information. QA (Quality assurance) and monitoring are methods to guarantee data integrity and minimize errors.

One common point of view that all businesses agree upon is that the customers are definitely the revenue generators. It all drill down to customers and their satisfaction. it’s non-negotiable. It is always critical to ensure the services provided to the customers are on point. We give what they want and the satisfaction ratings will speak for themselves. 

Our main objective as a call center is to provide the best customer satisfaction. This is what all our competitors in the industry fight for as well. We have identified that attending to customer needs with utmost priority is the only way to satisfy them. This is also the main reason for 24-hour assistance and quality support. 

Being one of the leading organizations in the industry Konnect BPO provides unique customer service and with a comprehensive call center QA (quality assurance) service. We provide the best quality assurance services in Sri Lanka heading our way within the industry. 

We maintain high levels of quality controls and provide unparalleled quality monitoring services in Sri Lanka. Our employees are trained to manage calls adhering to all the due diligence and standards provided to them in order to ensure reliable services at all times. 

We are proud to say that at Konnect we have raised the bar high in the industry on the quality of call centers.

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