Konnect BPO

Outsourcing Adhoc Support

Konnect BPO provides AD HOC support in Sri Lanka for their clients without any managed support contracts. We are flexible and we understand that business models differ from one to another. So we tailor our services according to client needs. We further understand that certain clients are not comfortable in proceeding into long term contracts and would rather focus on short term collaborations to get the tasks done. 

AD HOC services in Sri Lanka are in most cases outsourced in instances where companies are operating at maximum capacity and still need more support to complete tasks, gather information etc. In such situations the requirement will be to take on board a third party to support to take the pressure off the company’s shoulders. Outsourcing AD HOC services mitigates the risk and worry for employers in absorbing the cost of recruiting surplus employees. 

Our range of Ad-hoc support services are designed to benefit your business and are customized to areas where we can create value.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

To monitor business performance is important because it enables to generate quality information. QA (Quality assurance) and monitoring are methods to guarantee data integrity and minimize errors.

Contact Center Reporting

Reporting is the key to see what is happening in your contact center. It is the raw data flow that comes into your contact center from different channels