Konnect BPO

E2E HR Services

The E2E HR support team is committed to creating a partnership with clients to provide solutions that include both live and online support.  Our HR support team lends guidance and support for all areas of HR. The combination of the E2E 360° approach to serving our clients, extensive expertise, and dedication yields an unsurpassed customer experience for our clients.

Our HR support team is able to provide guidance to clients on areas related to HR and the E2E HR support team is dedicated to create a partnership with clients to provide collaborative solutions including both live and online support. This 360 degree approach has benefited our clients to yield incomparable outcomes.

HR is a complex, costly and constantly evolving job role. Ever since, Konnect BPO started to provide HR outsourcing services in Sri Lanka it has become a relief to many organizations. We have been pioneering BPO services and are still heading strong in the industry. 

As a human resources provider in Sri Lanka we understand that HR impacts many areas in the business starting from benefits administration, time and attendance, talent management and payroll. These tasks are sensitive and tedious. By outsourcing these you will be able to; 

  • Lower expenses for Human Resources staff, infrastructure, and technology
  • Human Resources teams freed up to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Improved overall global operations through streamlined processes
  • Access to one of the best global technology platforms in the outsourcing industry
  • Lower exposure to risk and compliance regulations

Not all organizations are open minded today to outsource their HR functions. If you are an organization still contemplating to outsource this service we are at your service whenever you are ready to delegate it to us. Once we are on board we will streamline all your HR functions allowing you to experience the true potential of focusing on your core businesses.

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