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The aim of telesales is to build repeat business through excellent customer relations.Telesales representatives contact customers to promote offers or to set up appointments to support field sales representatives.

The main task of a telesales representative is to contact prospective customers and to promote the offers or make appointments for field sales representatives to close the deals. These types of sales are claimed to build repeat business through good customer relationships. 

Konnect BPO, a pioneering Telesales agent in Sri Lanka has the ability to provide comprehensive customer acquisition and sales solutions aligning to the clients sales and marketing plans resulting in support to increase market shares.  

If you are seeking for telesales outsourcing in Sri Lanka or customer survey solutions or require to upsell to your existing customers we are ready to customize a solution to meet your requirements. 

The team at Konnect BPO is skilled and therefore is a market leader in outbound telesales in Sri Lanka. Our teams are nurtured to understand the client requirement and to propose unique solutions for them to reap the best of the outsourced services. It is with a collaborative mindset that we are able to work together with clients to maximize the outcome and maintain long-term relationships.

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