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Now a day’s call center outsourcing is a hotly discussed matter in IT, accounting, digital marketing, HR, customer support, and development circles because many companies are facing a cash crunch due to lull in business for months together. Unsurprisingly, culprits are COVID-19 followed by the global recession. The previously cash-strapped businesses are now on the brick of sustenance crises which if left unaddressed would cause them to go under. Pinched by financial uncertainty, many businesses are turning to call center service providers to stay lean and ride out the storm.

The outsourcing process involves getting a third-party call center service provider to manage the day-to-day call center roles instead of hiring and training full-time call center agents for in-house management. The advantage of call center outsourcing is that businesses don’t have to worry about software and infrastructure expenses because third-party service providers are already well-equipped. The outsourcing party can decide whether to outsource a portion of call center operations or the entire functions. If a choice is made, SLA and NDA’s are signed and the selected functions are placed in the hands of a service provider.

Businesses worldwide are contemplating measures to shrink the workforce to avoid being wiped off the map. If your business is at risk of being guillotined, outsourcing customer service may be the only remedy. So, let’s dig into the call center outsourcing trends in 2020 and beyond.

  • Inhibits Runaway Expenses

    Proponents of call center outsourcing swears by the benefits of call center outsourcing especially in terms of operating margins. They say it shrinks the overhead to a trickle because there isn't an infrastructure to maintain or a need for full-time agents. Without the two major contributing factors of money outflow, the surging expenses taper off, allowing businesses to regain control of funds.

  • Mitigates Staffing Concerns

    Staffing is a headache for most companies because it involves extensive vetting which isn't time- and cost-effective especially when there are multiple vacancies and limited resources to filter applications. However, when call center services are outsourced, the service provider handles hiring, training, and task assigning efficiently than you could ever imagine.

  • Round-the-clock Customer Service

    By outsourcing customer services, you are counting on the service provider to respond to your customers from different time zones in a way, you'd like your team to work. An honest provider will do what it takes to ensure their agents are highly available, courteous, and professional

  • Efficient Management of Call Volume

    Downtime is every business's nightmare. It throws the flow out of whack resulting in upset customers and unhappy agents who'd lose motivation. The unpredictable nature of downtime is what makes it scary. But when an outsourcing partner assures round-the-clock uptime, they are likely armed with contingency servers to ensure business continuity until disruptions are resolved.

The downsides of choosing a wrong outsourcing partner is a decline in service quality and it devalues the brand/business because the agents handling your customers could be uninspired or lack experience in ensuring client satisfaction. Also, most of the outsourcing partners in Sri Lanka manages processes in the form of a shared services where the contact center agents are loaded handling multiple companies processes simultaneously, these facts result in wiping out the productivity of the whole process and it does not really add any value to the client. 

Konnect BPO Technologies (PVT) Ltd. simply breaks this universal barrier by ensuring dedicated agents are allocated to enhance productivity and run the process smoothly with great loyalty shown towards the services provided for the respective client’s process.

Mr. Azath Zarook – Director of Konnect BPO Technologies (PVT) Ltd. Added “I strongly believe that the key to successfully managing a particular process is by providing a superior end-to-end customer service while adding great value to the respective brand and adhering to strict compliance policies. Hence we are among the industry leaders and doing what we do at our best with passion to help achieve our client's goals.”

Konnect BPO Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the leading BPO solution providers in Sri Lanka offering a wide range of uninterrupted high-end services and intense outsourcing solutions to all valuable clients to achieve their goals and be on top of the game in this highly competitive market.

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