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BPO Strategies that Ensure Recruitment of the Best Talent

HR outsourcing solutions in Sri Lanka is widely used due to the increase in hiring and recruiting of top talented candidates. There ae new job roles created as we speak and it is especially for high-tech jobs. With this dynamic changes in the recruitment platform today organizations seek support in outsource recruitment in Sri Lanka.

These outsourcing agencies today aren’t magicians to recruit the cream of talent from the market. They simply follow basic strategies to ensure recruitment of the best talents in the market. The difference is that they are truly experts in providing these services; they have a solid network that supports them to find and pick the right talent. Here are some of the basic methods that HR outsourcing solution providers follow:

  • Identify and Nurture Your Top Performers (identify the top 20% performers that make the 80% of business impact and nurture them as they are bound to continue to bring in results)

  • Drive Referrals as a Company-Wide Initiative: Making the referral initiative a theme-based, time-bound program, with prizes for employees is the most successful way of finding the right talent.

  • Use your words right to get the right people on board: Be specific, precise in who you are looking for, what you expect from the candidate. The age-old templates don’t work anymore. BE unique in your communications.

  • Multi-thread Your Hiring Campaigns: Reap the maximum out of the money spent in communications. Use multiple platforms at once such as Referrals, LinkedIn, job websites are only some of the channels you can use.

  • Create Relationships with every outreach and applicant: To build this relationship it requires trust, mutual respect, honesty, direct communication, and follow-through.it is always important to give feedback. Don’t leave them hanging.

  • Always have a flexible hiring model: it is important to ensure that your hiring team is open for change.

  • Quick and efficient interviews: the interview teams should be trained to be quick and effective in their interviews. They are trained to be a brand advocate for the client they are hiring for. Hence, training is mandate for the interviewers.

Simply if the aforesaid basic steps are met oftentimes it enables a successful hiring, mobilize your resources, and deliver results.

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