Is work from home method effectively working for BPO companies?

Is work from home method effectively working for BPO companies?

We are in a timeline where many things have been restricted and many businesses around the world are pushed to operate with very minimum amount of resources. Amidst all these obstacles, Konnect BPO, as a leading business process outsourcing company in Sri Lanka extends its service to all the clients and maintains the service standards with state-of-the-art technologies to stay on top of the game despite the current situation given. 

Even the business process outsourcing service comes into play along with a bunch of useful technologies, Konnect BPO’s work-from-home (WFH) model is not much sophisticated as we look at it from a technological perspective and the workflow is well versed on operational and security control.

Can the agents manage to be productive working from home?

Our experienced panel of agents are well trained on handling such scenarios and remotely carry out the work-related tasks. With our active workflow monitoring systems, 100% productivity of the process is guaranteed!
Despite the pandemic, we have noticed a spike on KPI’s achieved by our agents on the respective processes that are handled.

What if there was a technical breakdown, how well is it managed remotely?

Sometimes it might be mind boggling thinking about how are we going to manage work from home when there’s a technical breakdown. For instance, it could be a power cut from the area the agent is residing, or some software malfunction. At Konnect BPO, we are well focused on our business continuity plan, we ensure a backup agent who is thorough with the process is always in queue to take over and our technical team is always on loop to resolve with a rapid turn around time.

How about data protection and security control, could there be any chance on breach of compliance?

One of the biggest concerns for any client on outsourcing their business process to a third-party business process outsourcing service provider would be having their confidential data protected and maintaining a strong security control. Especially in the age of pandemic work-from-home models might make clients worry about the data safety of their businesses.

At Konnect BPO, we are pledged to maintain industry standard data protection and security control methods to ensure there’s no breach of compliance. Our technical team have a secured VPN connection which is established between the employee’s office PC and personal user device which creates a tunnel between these two devices for a secured workplace access. With this method, despite working from office or home, our IT infrastructure fully secured by industry grade firewall and data loss prevention systems. 

While the pandemic has disrupted routines and practices, it has also challenged people to adapt, innovate, and move forward. Though unsettling at first, change is good if embraced with the right mindset and attitude.

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